My dog is digging up My Yard – Help!

My dog digs up my yard – what can I do?

A majority of dogs are naturally inclined to digging which is considered as a perfectly natural behavior for most of the dogs but digging holes can also cause damages to your furniture and yard as it will make you wonder My dog digs up my yard – what can I do?

Dog training Houston Shelmar kennels offers advice – Most of the dog’s behavior is either learned behavior or product of instinct which makes digging behavior no exception as they possess great digging instinct. Digging holes is a canine behavior as dog cannot resist getting his paws into the plots of earth and hence it can also be called as the primary motivation for dog in this instinct driven for pursuit of pleasure. There are different reasons why dogs may dig which include relief from boredom, trying to escape, playing, seeking protection, release of pent up anxiety/energy and instinct. There are different reasons for dogs to dig as they dig when they are left alone outdoors for a longer period of time without exercise, mental stimulation or human interactions which make them prone to digging. The risk of digging also increases when the environment is barren and dogs have to chew toys and playmates to play with.

There are different reasons why dogs digs which includes foraging for food, boredom and anxiety, escaping and finding valuable. If you are wondering my dog digs up my yard – what can I do? There are different ways in which you can deal with dog digging. These includes-

Exercise-it is very important to take your dog for walk once daily because the main cause of problem behaviors is insufficient exercise. You should also give them mental and physical stimulation for stopping them from their digging behavior.

Chewing needs- you should always keep some interesting chew toys in your yard for keeping your dog busy while you are not around. It is the best way of preventing their digging behavior so that your dog can be occupied for a longer period of time.


Interaction- the best way of preventing digging of your dog is by interacting and spending time with your dog. You can also teach tricks and commands that can facilitate better communication and interaction with your dog.

Shelter- when you provide shelter to the dog, you will be able to stop them from digging since dogs have the tendency of digging holes to lie in cool dirt. Dogs also dig for providing themselves with shelter from rain, wind and cold. Hence it is very important that you provide your dog with the protection and comfort that he is looking for by giving a comfortable doghouse that can protect them from sun and wind.

Eliminating this problem will stop your dog ending up in the animal shelter.

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